Warnings for Walkers

The Cradle Mountain area has highly variable weather and an area of great danger to the unwary and the unprepared walker. It is so easy to underestimate the dangers of mountain weather. It is possible, in the space of a few minutes, for the weather to turn from a sunny day to rain and sleet. The dangers of wind chill are such that the mountain has claimed many victims of hypothermia.

It is sensible to check the weather conditions with the rangers and to study the ‘How is the weather in Cradle Valley today?’ placard which is located at the Lake Dove car park, take suitable clothing and equipment even if you are taking a short day walk and for anything other than a short walk Register in the Log Book at Cradle Valley or Dove Lake .

For those who still resist such warnings the memorial on the edge of Lake Dove to Ewan McLeod Scott who died in 1965 is worth a few moments of reflection. Scott was with a party of schoolboys who were caught by the weather in the area. Scott managed to save all the schoolboys but in the process he died from hypothermia.

If you are doing a short walk, day walk or overnight camp please sign the visitor registration book
The current Australian Weather Forecast for Cradle Valley